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    Scripture audio book downloads including the KJV Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, and other LDS scriptures, manuals, and resources. All free downloads. An audiobook allows users to listen to a book or print publication in a single audio Much like a regular book, an audiobook allows listeners to access separate. El Libro de Mormon - Spanish Book of Mormon Audio (27 CD SET) [Varios] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book of Mormon, CD This is .

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    Book Of Mormon Audio Spanish

    *There are three language study editions of the Book of Mormon: Russian with diacritics; helps are published by the Church in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). . Armenian (East)(Return to top),, App, Audio, PDF. The Book of Mormon is published in languages, and many of them are Slovenian (PDF); Spanish (audio, online, Gospel Library mobile app, PDF, mobile. I have been trying to find audio mp3 files of the Book of Mormon in different languages; primarily Spanish, Italian, and French. I would like to be.

    The first is an audio version and the second is a pocket-sized or "mini" Preach My Gospel manual. It can also be downloaded for free at itunes. It evolved based on requests from mission presidents for help with missionaries who had poor reading skills or who comprehended better by listening. When the audio version was available, mission presidents found they also enjoyed listening to the CDs as they traveled around their mission. The "mini" print version of Preach My Gospel developed out of a need for something smaller to use and carry. However, some felt that the "notes column" in the smaller version would not be used because the pages were too small. After studying how missionaries used the standard Preach My Gospel manual, it was discovered that they used a separate study journal for compiling teaching notes and impressions rather than the "notes column. It was well received and is now available in Spanish and Portuguese.

    Triple Combination. The Triple is printed in several formats, including hardcover, softcover, and leather.

    Mormon scriptures to be translated into 34 additional languages, including Farsi, Navajo and Arabic

    Holy Bible. Includes the Old and New Testaments, and study resources.

    The Bible is printed in several formats, including hardcover, softcover, and leather. Printed in hardcover or softcover only, usually with a blue cover.

    Translations of the Book of Mormon

    Sometimes referred to as the "missionary edition" of the Book of Mormon because it is given out by missionaries especially the softcover version. New Testament.

    Printed in softcover only. Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Printed in varying hardcover and softcover formats. Language Study Edition.

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    Book of Mormon with diacritics or side-by-side columns in different languages. Printed in softcover format. In this day of e-readers, it would be nice to have one, though! Paul said: July 27, at p It would be interesting to know what the authorities of the church do when they receive revelation. I know the process to listen to the Spirit and I know too that Elder Bednar does WORK to find out what he knows and through the process the Lord gives him strength and revelation.

    I sustain the brethren. I wonder: which people are involved in this process in the spirit of this website?

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    I want to sustain and this is the spirit in which I inquire. PaulPablo said: December 22, at p Aramaic and Latin question.

    I know the Bible has Latin and Hebrew bases. When we read the Bible and look at the original meanings associated with many specific word associations and when we can pull historical and cultural facts all together it helps broaden our understanding.

    Likewise if the Book of Mormon was derived from Aramaic can we gain some insight from seeing it in Aramaic? In Isaiah, for example there are multiple times we see dual meanings.

    I know the English version was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic or so I learned and then written in reformed Egyptian and that the translation from Joseph Smith was divine.

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